• About Us

    At ArtViaYou, Our passion for Art culture drives us to represent the vibrant and diverse energy that defines London. Founded in 2019 by a talented black artist, our platform is a space for artists of all backgrounds to showcase their talents and connect with a wider audience.

    We focus on the urban arts, featuring works from artists inspired by the city's energy and creativity, from traditional mediums like painting and sculpture to contemporary forms of expression such as street art and graphic design.

    As a brand owned by a black artist, ArtViaYou is dedicated to promoting diversity and representation in the arts, recognizing the challenges faced by marginalized communities. Our goal is to provide a platform that gives everyone a voice and equal opportunity to shine.

    Art is a powerful tool for bringing people together, and we believe in the importance of art education and fostering a love for the arts in our community. In addition to representing talented artists, we partner with colleges to offer young artists the chance to develop their skills and showcase their work. We also host community workshops for kids to introduce them to the world of art and encourage their creativity and imagination.

    At ArtViaYou, we are committed to making art accessible and inspiring for everyone. Join our community and discover the joy and inspiration that art can bring to your life.